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Knowing and quantifying the actual purchasing behaviors at the point of sale is the key to ensuring the success of a company in the last mile of its market chain. Do you want to improve your distribution in a category where you are already present? Are you considering whether or not to enter a new category? Do you want to know the rules of the game of a category similar to those in which you operate? This is our research service that fits your needs.
​The Brandfulness analysis model, which we have developed, consolidated and perfected in twenty years of close collaboration with some large Italian companies, allows us to detect and measure the value of tangible and intangible brand elements, going beyond the traditional Brand Equity. This model makes it possible to identify in depth what kind of symbolic representation and relationship consumers have with the brand, and therefore to understand how to best manage the brand and its products in order to strengthen and expand the connection with the brand itself.

Some products and services

Although we specialize in a “tailor-made” approach based on the specific knowledge needs of each client company, our portfolio of marketing research services includes a variety of proposals.
First of all, here are the type of surveys we mainly focus on at this stage of our professionalism.

U & A Research

Usage & Attitude research reconstructs consumption behaviours and attitudes by product categories, as well as the consumption funnel, the purchase drivers and the brand profile.

Customer Experience

Consumer satisfaction surveys in various sectors (including citizens’ satisfaction with public administrations), with measurement of NPS and propensity to repurchase, benchmarking on key indicators with major competitors and industry standards, and the evolution of the relationship with the brand according to the concepts of the customer journey, customer experience and omnichannel.

Behavioural Analysis

Surveys for the evaluation and measurement of purchasing behaviors based on both current and retrospective factual data, with target segmentation and mapping by categories and product segments.

Web and Social Media Analytics

Category-based web monitoring, with particular insight into social media, communication contents and online reputation of the main players of the industry.

Target and Communication

In-depth surveys of specific age and consumption targets, analysis of communication styles, language evolution and usage of both traditional and digital media, cross-sectorial investigations.

Top Issues

Analytical investigation and in-depth analysis of top issues of common interest that may concern several sectors, the whole corporate and institutional community, even based on external follow-up.

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